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Email accounts for 94% of malware installation and attacks, with attachments (Office doc.) being the most common channel of attack. Brite’s customers utilize dynamic email protection tools to prevent against the most advanced email vulnerabilities.

Email continues to be a common entry point for attackers, even with the advancements in endpoint protection.  Access through email creates pathways to confidential information. With today’s hosted emails and email security in the cloud, malicious content can be prevented from ever reaching the network.

Leverage and control email security in 4 main critical email protection areas: advanced email control, imposter protection, internal defense, and continuity.

Advanced Email Filter, Control and Visibility

Implement specific policies and rules – catered to the organization’s needs – to manage unwanted email.  As with most proactive, offensive security approaches, detection is the first step in protecting against threatsAdvanced email protection actively prevents already known threats while dynamic reputation analysis constantly assesses IP addresses in order to determine whether to accept or reject potentially malicious emails.   

Imposter Email Threat Protection

Imposter email, aka email fraud, continues to be a growing problem.  Cyber criminals do the right research, find the best target in an organization and then spoof emails.  The individual most commonly poses as an executive, like the CEO, to ask for money via gift cards or wire transfer.  Advanced threat protection blocks fraudulent emails before they ever reach employees’ inboxes, further protecting the organization and employees from becoming victim and falling for an attack.   

Internal Email Defense

Protecting and scanning internal email is equally criticalImplement a multilayered approach with the capabilities to scan emails – including URLs and attachments – for malicious content.  The technology detects spam and phishing attacks by examining thousands of attributes in every email including text, images and attachments.  Reputation assessments protect against non-malware threats that use social engineering techniques.  Assessments analyze email attributes like sender/recipient relationship and headers to determine the credibility of the email.   

Email Continuity

Email continuity ensures the security of email anytime, anywhere even during outages.  The latest tools scan each message for viruses and spam, then compress and encrypt a copy, which is stored to the service (Proofpoint Enterprise Continuity Service).  Compatibility with Outlook allows users to continue to send and receive messages during an outage, ultimately avoiding downtime and lost productivity. 

Email Protection for Organizations of All Sizes

Brite's Managed Email Protection Services

Proper email security is critical for all organizations, no matter the size.  Brite’s managed service offering utilizes industry-leading email protection to organizations from small family-run businesses to large-scale enterprises.

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