Third-Party Vendor Risk Mitigation

Your organization has probably spent copious amounts of money on cyber defenses. Are you confident your third-party vendors are doing the same? Understand and verify the risk associated with third-party vendors before an incident occurs. Instead, proactively manage your third-party vendor risk.

See how your security stacks up with an instant SecurityScorecard score. 

Hackers are continually finding ways to exploit the expanding attack surfaceincluding all tools connected to the networkTraditionally, third-party vendor risk is evaluated through either assessments and penetration tests, or self-reported questionnaires.  These approaches are often costly, time intensive, and only capture a point-in-time look into the security of the organization.    

Modern third-party vendor risk management platforms provide organizations the right toolset to ensure any vendor, partner or supplier does not jeopardize the current security posture – all automatically updating to provide actionable business intelligence. Increase third party responsibility and mitigate overall security risk with active and automatic third-party vendor risk management.  

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